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# weerbeke_musicxml
# About
This little repository contains MusicXML files of two cycles of Gaspar van Weerbeke.
1. MCE 5: Gaspar van Weerbeke, Ave mundi domina, ed. by Agnese Pavanello
1. MCE 6: Gaspar van Weerbeke, Quam pulchra es, ed. by Cristina Cassia
The files were preparated by the SNFS project ["Polifonia sforzesca"]( (2018-2021).
### MusicXML Files
The files are exported directly from the Music Notation Software Sibelius with no further changes.
They were made available (only) for analytical purposes and are not part of the [historical critical edition](
To store editorial markup we use MEI files of the [Music Encoding Initiative]( which are explicitely designed for that purpose.
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